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Tax-Saving Strategies

New tax laws.
And new tax forms.
What does it all mean for you?
These new changes give you more tax-savings opportunities.
To benefit you. And your business.




Tax-Saving Strategies

In this tax seminar we’ll discuss new tax developments
And reexamine essential tax deductions
and benefits available to business owners

(Including those with home-based businesses)

Topics include:
  • Small Business Tax Checklist: What you need to know. And why
  • QBI and other benefits of pass-through entities
  • Common tax mistakes to avoid
  • And more

 Join us for an informative (and practical) tax discussion

And, if we have time, we’ll talk about some fun tax court cases

(Yes, fun and tax — the ultimate odd pair, right? : )

Paying tax is part of living in a civilized society but

it doesn’t mean you need to pay more than you have to.

The best way of doing that is to understand

how tax deductions work — personal and business

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Mariana Fieraru
Federally licensed tax professional since 1996, she works with individuals and businesses — advising them on tax saving opportunities.

Publisher of OBI Report, a quarterly business-smart publication for the self-employed and professionals.
And author of business guides and courses, including most current A Balancing Act, a comprehensive time management and productivity course that includes the 2019/2020 Tax Update.
Mariana also teaches tax classes (Region IV College of Southern Idaho Small Business Development Center).
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