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2019/2020 Tax Update

Why come to this tax class?

Because when you are better informed, you ask better questions.

Better questions lead to smarter tax strategies.

Then you and your tax preparer won’t miss out on any money-saving opportunity.

Thursday February 27, 2020



What’s new in the world of taxes?

IRS has done lots of “remodeling” this tax season:

*Form 1040 has been overhauled.
The 2018 Form 1040 had six schedules.
The new, 2019 Form 1040 has only three schedules.
Plus there is a brand new form for seniors: 1040-SR

*New for Family Business IRS tax news released (in October):
when family members work for each other, they have several choices how to report the business income:
Partnership, Qualified Joint Venture, Schedule C
Important: they don’t have to have formal written agreements.

*Smart Tax Strategies for Small Business
Qualified Business Income (QBI) Deduction: allows you to write off 20% of your income (certain rules apply).
Also learn about fringe benefits (company car, etc.)

And much more

Join us — the class will be fun.
We’ll talk about some court cases
(Like poop tax, horseless horse business.)

And you’ll learn new, practical stuff as well.
At halftime break, we’ll share delicious cookies.
(Maybe that’s why we are popular?)

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Mariana Fieraru
Federally licensed tax professional since 1996, she works with individuals and businesses — advising them on tax saving opportunities.

Publisher of OBI Report, a quarterly business-smart publication for the self-employed and professionals.
And author of business guides and courses, including most current A Balancing Act, a comprehensive time management and productivity course that includes the 2019/2020 Tax Update.
Mariana also teaches tax classes (Region IV College of Southern Idaho Small Business Development Center).
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