The $14.5 billion tax bill saga

You all have heard by now — a $14.5 billion tax bill saga is being played in Europe.
Here is a “refresher” course:
Apple, Ireland and EU are the three main players in this story.
Years ago Apple set up a factory in Ireland. The country offered attractive tax incentives.

How attractive?
For the last ten years, Apple was taxed at 1%. At the high end.
Later, that was lowered to 0.005%.
In exchange for this almost tax-free environment, Apple employs almost 6,000 people across Ireland.
Everyone should be happy with this arrangement, right?!

$14.5 billion vs 6,000 jobs
Not the European Union. The EU said this tax arrangement is similar to a tax subsidy.
So the European Commission ruled that Apple owes $14.5 billion in unpaid taxes to Ireland.
Ireland is appealing; they don’t want the money.  $14.5 billion vs 6,000 jobs — the choice would seem obvious.
But it’s not so simple — especially when you want to keep a business friendly environment.
To attract the big players of the corporate world.

Apple’s money belong to U.S. Treasury
This international saga continues to attract players.
The most recent: U.S. Treasury.
The U.S. Treasury Secretary has said that EU needs to back off:  Apple’s money belong to U.S. coffers.
(Some say, over the years, Apple didn’t put much money in our treasury coffers.)
Yet it went unnoticed.

Tax avoidance vs paying a fair tax
As for Apple’s behavior: some say this is tax avoidance at its best.
Others say the tech company is well within its legal rights in everything that it does.
The saga will continue.

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