The billion dollar spelling mistake

Thanks to my social network on LinkedIn I came across this article about a billion dollar bank heist; which didn’t go as planned because of a spelling mistake.

The heist happened in February and it involved Bangladesh Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Instead of getting away with the billion, as planned, a spelling mistake caused the hackers to get away with “only” $80 million.

The word that triggered the red flag: “foundation” misspelled as “fandation”.

This is a serious matter, of course.
But I couldn’t help laughing at some of the comments.

“The typo makes me think that the hack originated in Nigeria, birthplace of the badly-spelled e-mail scam.”

That comment was quickly corrected by a more knowledgeable poster:

“The facts are that Nigerian Oil Minister scam was run from Bathurst, NSW in Australia.
It gained the name “Nigerian” because the emails purported to come from someone related to a Nigerian official.”

Someone brought politics into it:

“I thought Donald Trump was financing his campaign by his own means!”

That of course got a prompt response from a supporter:

“It couldn’t have been Trump, because he has all the best words”

And my two favorites:

“They simply drilled an internet tunnel into the bank and hey presto!”
“Fantastic, sorry fountastic, story.”

The lesson in this is obvious: education is important!
On either side of the law : )


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