A new kind of race

IBM, once upon the time the leader in mainframe computers is making waves again.
This time through artificial intelligence (AI).
Big Blue is investing heavily in Watson, its AI champion.
And hopes it will put them back in the leader seat in the AI race.

IBM is poised to be a major player in this new computing era.
The company is building partnerships, among many others, with Apple, American Airlines, and 1-800 Flowers.

Data: the currency of our times
Imagine next time you order flowers for Mother’s Day.
Looking at the data in your account, you’ll be reminded of your anniversary next week.
Better double that order.
“I forgot” will no longer be a valid excuse (if it ever was : )

Personally, I can see myself arguing with American Airlines, or any other airline,
that has the audacity to “remind” me that it’s time to get on the plane and go visit (name, city/country).

I would promptly retort, “I don’t like flying! Go remind them! It’s their turn to visit.”

I’m making light of a serious topic.
In many ways, data is the currency of our times. And its value to artificial intelligence is immense.

AI partnership
That is why Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft have formed an AI partnership.
While they are in competition with each other, they realize it’s important to have a formal dialog on artificial intelligence developments.

By 2020, artificial intelligence is expected to be over $45 billion industry.

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