AI-Generated Imposters

In the words of an AI insider:
#AI is an amplifier.
Takes good to great. And bad to worse.

He’s right.
WSJ writes about a “bad to worse” case:
AI-generated imposters are scamming investors out of millions.

Bill Ackman, and others like him, are fighting a losing battle.

Wall Street Journal article:

“Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management has found more than 90 different ads impersonating him. Many of the ads remained visible for weeks after the company flagged them to Facebook, spokesman Fran McGill said. One ad promised annual returns of 125%, another a 25% return in a week and told victims to “hold these three stocks and you’ll be a millionaire.”

Hard to resist the lure of becoming a millionaire.
Especially when it’s coming from (supposedly) Bill Ackman

The #fake versions of Ackman, and others, have lured many to join WhatsApp groups.
As members of these groups they would get #investing tips from big-time investors.

Sounds like a good deal, right?
But it’s not
It’s all fake
AI-generated #scam

“Small-time investors have collectively lost millions of dollars.”

As the WSJ article mentioned, many of these scammers run ads on #Facebook.

Why FB?

As one investor said, “…because FB members are generally older than those on Instagram or TikTok and thus wealthier and less sophisticated.”

Be careful out there!

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