Air pollution affecting our brain?

“… it’s a hugely exciting time to study the connections between pollution and the brain”,
says Michelle Block,  a neuroscientist at Indiana University.

The above excerpt is from The Polluted Brain — an article written by Emily Underwood.
(Published in the Science Magazine.)

Underwood writes:
“Some of the health risks of inhaling fine and ultrafine particles are well-established, such as asthma, lung cancer, and, most recently, heart disease. But a growing body of evidence suggests that exposure can also harm the brain, accelerating cognitive aging, and may even increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.”

18 epidemiological studies — done by scientists from Germany, United Kingdom, United States, and other countries — are raising serious concerns about the health risks associated with air pollution.

Even more alarming is the effect air pollution has on children.
Studies show a significant drop in their IQ
when they live in or nearby highly polluted areas.

Throughout the article reference is made to the work and studies of numerous neuroscientists, from U.S. and abroad; and what are some of the known effects on people and animals.

Underwood concludes with:
“…the goal for policymakers worldwide should be to push down levels as far as possible.”

And cites Finch, a USC neuroscientist:

“When all the research is in,
I think [air pollution] will turn out to be just the same as
tobacco—there’s no safe threshold.”

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