Armchair traveling to Zanzibar

It’s Friday.
Time for some armchair traveling : )
Let’s go to Africa; more specifically to Tanzania.
Because that’s where five of the world’s seven species of sea turtles can be found.

You probably know that sea turtles are on the critically endangered species list.
The pollution of our environment, plus their natural predators (birds, fish, and other animals) — are the main threats that greatly decrease their chance of survival.

sea turtleSince 2001 Tanzania has created a conservation program to protect and improve their chances to survive in the ocean.
The program is part of the Conservation and Management of Marine Turtles of the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia.
The sea turtle sanctuary is at the northern part of Zanzibar.

The program aims to increase their chance of survival.
It protects the newly hatched turtles to reach adolescence before releasing them back in the wild.
The program also helps rescue injured turtles and nurses them back to health before releasing them back in the ocean.

Let’s hope this, and other initiatives, will ensure their survival.
And future generations will be able to enjoy their beauty as much as we do.
(Dorin, many thanks for the beautiful photo.)


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