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What gets Small Town, USA on the World Map?

Jackson, Wyoming Population: 10,553 (2019) A small town. In…

People I know. And learn from.

My 75 year old friend. Who came out of retirement to help others. Part…

I’m not good with money

"I'm not good with money!" "I'm not good with numbers!" When…

Charity, worker classification, and other tax stuff

* Charity * Employees vs independent contractors * Automation…

Possible tax law changes on the horizon

Investing in infrastructure Helping families with education,…

IRS and Virtual Currency

At any time during the year “Did you receive, sell, send,…

Family: weekend talks

Flipper: Carrots?! Me: Yes, eat. They're good for you Flipper:…

Media and its “freedom” of expression

We find what we look for And we see what we want to see Search…

Absentee leader: the most destructive type of leadership

Distant Diminished communication Lack of trust These are…

Tax Talk

Tax information for * S Corp filers. * Corporate givers. *…

PPP Loans for Small Businesses

This is the second round of PPP loans for small businesses The…

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