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When I grow up

Clients arrive We greet them (my feathered-kids and I 🙂 Then…

It’s that time of the year — tax planning time

Hard to believe but Halloween is here Time flies, doesn't it? Year-End…

Tax News

TAXPAYERS You'll be happy to know: The IRS waives $1.2 Billion…

We only got one world

Need to go to the store -- to pick up some bananas for my feathered-kids I…

Remote work and its tax implications

Remote work opened up a whole world of possibilities. Especially…

Participate! Get Involved!

"One of the penalties of refusing of participating in politics…
Metaverse Lately I've stumbled on several posts on Metaverse I…

Accomplished Fugitives

"We can keep ourselves so busy. Fill our lives with so many…

Gig Workers and Taxes

Tax Day is fast approaching If 2021 was your first year in…

Oceans — and the major impact they have on birds

One of my friends (who knows I'm a bird-mom) sent me a link to…

IRS Performing a Ministerial

I know many of you who have had interactions with IRS in the…

What gets Small Town, USA on the World Map?

Jackson, Wyoming Population: 10,553 (2019) A small town. In…

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