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Media and its “freedom” of expression

We find what we look for And we see what we want to see Search…

Absentee leader: the most destructive type of leadership

Distant Diminished communication Lack of trust These are…

Tax Talk

Tax information for * S Corp filers. * Corporate givers. *…

PPP Loans for Small Businesses

This is the second round of PPP loans for small businesses The…

The Year of the Great Unmasking

The year of the great unmasking 2020 The year of massive…

When in hell, keep on walking

I'm speeding on the highway of life With so many things…

IRS — the good guy

When you hear “IRS” – what is the first thing that comes…

Do my taxes start with a wine? Or two?

“Feel like I'm gonna puke 'cause my taxes are due” No,…

Tax Talk: 1040 changes, new deductions, and more

2020 Form 1040: Schedules 1, 2, and 3 Currently used for 1040…


One July afternoon. People walking together. All as one. A…

Family Business — Qualified Joint Venture

Husband and wife start a small family business. And they want…

Spring Fever. And a ‘stolen’ car

"I don't wanna go back in the house. This is MY car! And I'm…

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