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Lobbyists, Loopholes, and the Paycheck Protection Program

Want money? No problem. How many millions? And don't worry about…

Wake up call. Time to get real. Both?

  Over the last several weeks I've been talking with…

Home visits — once upon the time… and now

Imagine soft music playing in the background. And a soothing…

Trade wars

Large tech companies (with global operations) are increasingly…

Retirement question — open letter to client

Dear M and J, Regarding your retirement question here is…

Tax Court: Horseless horse business

For decades Denise M participated in activities connected with…

Conferences and speakers — yawners and winners

Conferences are great for meeting interesting people. And hearing…

Tax Court Files: A Conspiracy Theory

Mark D is selling his business. All goes well. And the sale…

How important is to have a good teacher for your child?

Good teachers. A Stanford study show how students learn and…

Favorite education quotes

Over the weekend a friend came over to visit. Talked about…

Are schools doing a good job of preparing students for the future?

We are at crossroads. The economic landscape is rapidly changing. And…

Financial responsibility

What does it mean to be financially responsible? It means…

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