Upcoming OBI Leadership Training workshops

Financial Knowledge
With this 5 steps program you learn how to
control spending, become financial literate, and
learn to tell the difference between a good and a
bad debt (your financial health depends on it)

Develop strong money management skills:
Save and invest strategically. And build a secure
financial future. Get smart about your finances
Have your money working for you.

Tax-Savings Strategies
If you operate a business (or think about starting
one) this tax workshop is jam-packed with
money-saving tax strategies for your small

Information is power. When you are better
informed, you ask better questions. Better
questions lead to better, smarter tax strategies.

This way you and your tax preparer won’t miss
out on any money-saving opportunity.

Successful Leader
Discover your best leadership style.

Learn effective communication skills.

Become a leader who knows how to attract (and
keep) better, smarter employees.

Leaders of the future will need to navigate a
future of work (FOW ) that includes the gig
economy, a decentralized workforce, and more.
This workshop helps you develop key skills
needed to be successful in today’s challenging
and highly competitive business world.

The Power of Words
Learn how to showcase your expertise to your
current and prospective customers by using the
power of words. Start a company newsletter.

Write regular blog posts on your website.

Words are powerful. And a cost-effective tool to
build and grow your business.

Savvy business people know: how quickly you respond to adversity is far more important than adversity itself.

Your instructors

Mariana Fieraru, Lead Instructor

Business development strategist, she develops training programs for
local business owners and entrepreneurs. Mariana works with local
Chambers of Commerce, trade and business associations, and SBDCs.

Mariana Fieraru is federally licensed tax professional since 1996

This time she’s put together a team.

Team OBI: tech-savvy, finance, and business strategies professionals.

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