Can your pet get you out of tax troubles?

Gregory Blatt lives in New York.
Has an apartment in the city.
His #work takes him occasionally to Texas.
Eventually he leased an apartment in Dallas.
But he still keeps his apartment in New York
At #tax time he claims residence in Texas

And how do you think New York took this
new “arrangement”?
Not very well 🙂

Their reaction could be summed up in a
few words:
“Get real!
You still got an apartment in here.
That’s proof of your residence in this state.
Pay up, Gregory Blatt!”

New York state wanted Gregory Blatt to pay to
the state coffers $430,065 in income #taxes
(2009 & 2010 tax years)

Blatt didn’t agree with NY state’s position.
So off to the court they went.

Tax court documents show how intrusive some
of state’s investigative tactics were
(Not surprising: New York and California are the
two most aggressive — chasing their #taxpayers
who moved out of state)

The facts were carefully weighed
And it was about 50-50
The verdict could’ve gone either way.

It came down to one question:
Where is the taxpayer’s home?

Blatt won the case.

What was the deciding factor?
His dog.

Because it answered the question:
Where is home?

Gregory Blatt, a single guy, his home was
where his dog was.
Moving his rescue (senior) dog wasn’t easy.
But that’s what you do when pets are family.
You bring them home.

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Mariana Fieraru
Mariana Fieraru, an Eastern European transplant, fell in love with her new home shortly after landing in New York. She "discovered" pizza! Years later she still loves pizza. And so do her two feathered-kids, Sunny and Flipper

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