Mandates, Supremacy, Performance — all connected with AI

Some important developments affecting AI happened this month.
The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) published its report.
Its taskforce is addressing data protection concerns with LLMs.
And is mandating that personal data should not be processed in a detrimental or misleading manner.

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AI was also the hot topic in WSJ.
The article names the BIG 3 Internet monopolies:
Microsoft, Google and Amazon

Now the BIG 3 are “attempting to control artificial-intelligence technology.”
The article continues with describing how their AI domination would extend their “supremacy” over a larger portion of the economy.

Not a good thing, is it?

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There is a lot of talk about how AI levels the playing field.
According to several studies, beginning-level workers (who used AI) saw 30% to 40% improvement in their performance.

What about the advanced-level workers?
Not so much.
They only got a little boost.
About 15% to 17% increased performance.

Why is that?
Some say that’s because the AI is not smart enough to help the top performers.

So now, based on how much AI is going to boost your performance, we’ll know what kind of performer you are, right? 😁

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