Leadership Starts At Home

This week I gave a talk on leadership to one of the most diverse groups I’ve seen in a long time: ages ranging from late twenties to mid-seventies. And varied occupations and interests. Great audience.

I talked about different levels/types of leaders.
Team/organization leadership was first on the agenda. Here I emphasized what has been documented time and time again. And across teams and organizations.

  • Most successful business leaders find the best solutions when they engage diversity.

Next the discussion moved on to another level – the personal leadership.

  • Here focus and perseverance took center stage.

(Some were taking notes so I tried to slow down a bit.
I’m a fast talker. I wonder if I’m faster than a New Yorker : )

Then I asked this:

There is another level of leadership that can greatly influence the other two. Would you venture to name it?

Long pause. And lots of puzzled looks.
(Then I did get one correct answer.)

Do you know?
The answer: Leadership at the family level.

The first lesson in leadership starts at home. With our parents. And our extended family.
To develop a child’s full potential you need a loving, good-for-learning home environment.

Some of you may ask (especially the first-time parents), “And what kind of ‘animal’ is that?”

A good learning environment is one that has structure and allows room for fun.
Structure and spontaneity – it’s a simple and effective combination.

The structure gives children security among other things.
Spontaneity allows them to get creative and have fun.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

/Comments/in Featured,Leadership/by Mariana Fieraru