Charity: what’s influencing our giving habits?

Charity comes in different “flavors”
For middle-income people charity may mean giving food and blankets to those in need.
For some wealthy Americans charity means donating large sums of money to various institutions.
And having their names go right on that new wing of the hospital. Or the newly built stadium.

If you happen to be among the wealthiest Americans (earnings in the top 20 percent)
data shows that you give to charity around 1.5 percent of your income.
If, on the other hand, you are a person of more modest means (earnings in the bottom 20 percent) you give over 3 percent of your income to charity.
Why is there such disparity between the giving habits of the upper income vs the lower income people?

If you are a high-earner most likely you live in an affluent neighborhood. That means you are going to be isolated from the poor people.
When most of your neighbors earn at least $200,000 a year it’s difficult to relate to poor people and their needs.

Good news
People living in socioeconomically diverse neighborhoods tend to be more generous.
Even greater news: research shows that regardless of income-tax bracket, everyone is
equally compassionate and wants to help children living in poverty.

Being kind is a choice
Affluent or not, being kind is a CHOICE we each can make.

Charity. Compassion. Tolerance.
We need them now more than ever.

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