Cocaine of the sea

$8,000 per lb. is the going price for “cocaine of the sea”.
What is it?
It’s a bladder. A fish bladder.
Totoaba is a fish found in the Gulf of California. Its survival as a species is greatly threatened by poachers.
The price for its organ, the swim bladder, keeps going up. The poachers kill the fish, take only its bladder then leave the fish to rot on the beach.

Who is the customer?
The bladder from the poached totoaba goes to China where big money is paid for it. It’s believed the bladder has medicinal properties. The going price is  $8,000 per lb.  Or higher.

What’s being done about it
Mexican Environment and Natural Resources Authorities have joined forces with the Mexican military. They are working together to stop the criminal activities of poachers.

Tear down the walls of ignorance and bizarre beliefs
What happens thousands miles away affects us as more than we think.
The good news is that we can still do something about it.

Instead of “building up walls” as some say, we need to tear them down.

Tear down the walls of ignorance and bizarre beliefs.

The fish bladder/wonder drug is only one example. There are many others.
Working together we can help preserve threatened species, both on land and in the water.
It’s the smart thing to do.

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