Colors: can they improve performance at work?

Colors have been used by ancient cultures to heal the human body.
Some psychiatrists have used colors to help their patients understand themselves better.
And there are studies showing that certain colors can boost our work productivity.

Can color improve work performance? Or affect emotions?
Yes! However, it depends largely on your personality. Your culture. And your own experience.
All of the above will influence how you feel about any one color.

Think of a dynamic color – like red.
When used in a work environment, it may make you feel either overwhelmed or energized.
At the other end of the spectrum, in a blue-green work environment you may be too relaxed to work.
If you are a high-octane individual that blue-green may be exactly what you need to be at your
peak-productivity level.

Colors influence the way we feel and act. Experts agree about the top four colors best suited for
increasing productivity in the workplace:


Communication. Trust. Loyalty. Integrity.


Energy. Intensity. This color invokes strong emotions.


Optimism. Self-confidence. Cheerfulness. Fun. Wisdom. Logic. Analytical.


Balance. Stability. Growth. Vitality. Nurturing. Prosperity.

Again, it all depends on your personality. And how you relate to colors.
Your favorite may not be on the list above.

Choose what YOU like.
In your favorite shade or intensity.

If you are a high-energy person you may need to surround yourself with cool colors
like blue, purple, and green.
These colors will sooth you. And help increase your concentration.

To feel energized choose warm colors like red, orange and yellow.
They’ll energize and cheer you up at the same time.

A positive attitude at work is the best productivity booster, of course!
Surrounding yourself with colors you like it’s an added bonus : )


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Mariana Fieraru
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