Create your own job; create your own story

“…looking at the world of 2028
we found two critical uncertainties.

One of them is technology.
Technology is reshaping and disrupting life as we know it…

The other disruptor is employment.
The employment landscape is changing dramatically as well.
Driven mainly by technology where artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., are predicted to replace about 50 per cent of the jobs that we know of today within the next decade.”

Above excerpts are from The Sydney Morning Herald article written by Christine D’Mello.

After reading that I thought, “What?! Their politicians can’t create jobs?!”
(Sorry, couldn’t help myself : )

Whatever the reasons, Australians have decided to look at the facts.
And take appropriate steps to prepare and have the skills necessary for a changing world.
High schools, as well as universities, have introduced entrepreneurship programs.
And they have brought in coaches and mentors from the corporate world.

Students can benefit from their guidance; and experience.
And develop valuable skills in communication, finance, marketing, and more.
The world is changing.  The job market is changing.
An 18 year old student/entrepreneur said it well,

“In this world
you create your own job.
Create your own story.”

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Mariana Fieraru
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