Diversity: multi-generational workforce

Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers.
These three generations make up most of today’s workforce.

Is there friction? It can be.

We are inclined to label each other.

You heard it before:
The “me” generation.
The “most demanding” generation.
And more of the same.

It can be filed under:
“I’m great!
You!? Well…let me think about it.”

Fresh ideas and perspectives
That’s when good leadership comes in.
Great leaders know communication and trust need to be at the forefront when building a successful team
A multi generational workforce, with its fresh ideas and perspectives is a great success waiting to happen.
The team will achieve extraordinary results if its leader knows to develop diversity strategies and build on its strengths:

• The strong work ethic of Baby Boomers.
• The independent and results-oriented Generation X.
• Millennials with their vast knowledge of technology. And persistent, never-give-up mentality.

On your team you may have people from different backgrounds. People from different age groups.
Whatever their differences are you can unite them if you know what’s important to them.
Find out what they care about. What motivates them.

Send fewer plastic bags to landfills
An incident at the grocery store is a good example of this.
At the checkout, I remembered: I forgot the shopping bags in the car. Again.
I said to the clerk, “Please don’t bag them. Just put them in the cart.”
As I was ready to leave they both thanked me. They were very appreciative.
It was obvious why. We all three cared about and wanted to reduce the pollution in our environment.
That day we did our part by sending fewer plastic bags to the landfill.

A chocolate buyer
If I would be part of their team, the management would get the best results from the three of us if efforts
to preserve our ecosystem were part of their work strategy.
(If I would work in a grocery store, I would somehow “find” my way to the purchasing department.
A chocolate buyer! So much to sample, so little time : )

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