In an ever-changing business landscape, how secure is your job?

Imagine, few years from now, going to work where more than a third of your coworkers are ROBOTS.
No, this in not only about a manufacturing plant type of work.
Cognitive technology will enable robots to do so much more.

The machines will be able to do data entry, accounting and other type of “knowledge work.”
(Tax professionals already “compete” with IBM’s Watson.)

100 million jobs will be automated
Worldwide, by 2025, it’s estimated that robots will replace more than 100 million knowledge workers.
One third of world’s doctors, lawyers, and other highly trained workers will be replaced by robots.
(At least partially their job will be automated.)

On the plus side: outsourcing will no longer be a problem.
It will be cost-effective to bring the jobs back home.

What are we doing to prepare for this?
Tomorrow’s workforce will need a vastly different set of skills.
We need to “reinvent” our educational system.

Today’s students must be able to hit the ground running in tomorrow’s job market.
Will there be income inequality? Sure.
And we’ll have many other challenges as well.

Progress comes with “growing pains.”
Think back when people were perfectly happy using the horse and buggy as a transportation “vehicle”.
Try to imagine how they felt when their “normal” started to change.
The cars were faster — and they liked having that advantage. But that came with its own set of challenges.

Exciting times — full of opportunities
The “robotics” revolution is no different in that regard.  Sure we’ll face some difficulties.
But the benefits will outweigh the inevitable “bumps” on the road.

What is the one thing we can be sure of?
We are inexorably moving toward a digital future.
Exciting times ahead.  Full of opportunities.

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Mariana Fieraru
Mariana Fieraru, an Eastern European transplant, fell in love with her new home shortly after landing in New York. She "discovered" pizza! Years later she still loves pizza. And so do her two feathered-kids, Sunny and Flipper

Mariana worked on both, the east and the west coast.
Big or small, each project she worked on helped define the importance of gaining and sustaining a competitive edge in an increasingly complex business environment.

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