Hemlines, Super Bowls, and Hot Waitresses

“How do hemlines affect the economy?”
(No, this is not a fashion review article.)

In one of my workshops someone asked for a book recommendation on investing.
So I mentioned Stock Market 101.
The author, Michele Cagan, gives you the basics of stock market investing.
And keeps you entertained with tidbits like the following:

“When hemlines go up and skirts get shorter the economy and the stock market tend to be on the rise as well.
Longer skirts coincide with declining stock markets.”

Another indicator, according to Cagan, is the Super Bowl indicator:

“… when teams from NFL and the AFL first battled it out on the field.
According to legend, the market soars when an original NFL-based team wins,
and it tanks when an AFL team takes the game.
This indicator has proven to be 80% accurate since the 1960s.”

And then there is this highly “scientific” index (saving the best for last ; )

“The Hot Waitress Index, which gauges the strength of the economy based on the attractiveness of food servers.
When there are more good-looking waiters and waitresses, according to this indicator, the economy is struggling.”

(Stocks, dividends, trading on the primary or secondary market:
Reading about this and other investing information can be fun.
Who knew!)

Wishing you success in all you do.

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Mariana Fieraru
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