How charitable you are may depend on your zip code

It’s the season of giving.
TV, radio, social media – all remind us to be compassionate and think of those less fortunate than us.
Many people I know they have either planned, or they are in the process of planning, their  charitable gifts

How charitable do you feel?
According to different studies, how generous you are has a lot to do with the zip code you live in.
The more affluent your zip code, the LESS you give.

If you are, you are not alone.
Maybe we assume they give more because it’s so much more fanfare that goes with it.
When a wealthy donor decide to make a sizable donation there will be a  press conference;
and coverage by journalists from all the major media outlets.

Large gifts to higher education institutions
Interestingly enough, wealth also affects what charities are likely to be chosen for receiving generous donations.
The latest available data shows the largest individual gifts to public charities went to higher education institutions.

Many of these universities are catering to what‘s considered the country’s elite.
Arts museums and medical facilities are also high on the list of wealthy donors.

The middle-income donors choose to give to social-services and religious charities.
Because they don’t itemize, the poor often give without the benefit of a tax deduction.

Why is there such disparity between the giving habits of the upper income vs the lower income people?
I’ll tell you on Friday : )

Until then be kind and generous with one another.

A kind word to someone that needs it.
A visit to a frail next-door neighbor.
It doesn’t cost money.
The word “charity”  is “agapē” in Greek.
It means “love”.


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