Are you fully invested in what’s important in your life?

Family. Friendships. Work.
In anything else that matters to you.

Are you fully invested?

It has been said that pilots are much more invested than doctors.
(No need to spell it out – it’s obvious why.)

Don’t just dip a toe in to try the temperature
Jump in with both feet!
I’ve known people to start a business and put only a half-hearted effort in it. Nine times out of ten the business never succeeds.

A family I knew attempted this more than once. The husband had a great paying job and the wife was a stay-at-home mom. Each year they would attempt yet another business project. There was the year of the “barbecue business”. Then it was the “DVD year”. Invariably they fell short of making a go of it. Throughout the process, the so called “business” was actually just a hobby.
A money – losing hobby.

The main reason for failing? They didn’t invest themselves one hundred percent in any of those businesses.
(You can start a business any time. To succeed you need a total commitment)
Don’t think that this happens in business only.

How invested are you in your friendships?
Are you there for your friends?
Are your there when it REALLY counts?

Two people I know – they have been friends for more than 15 years.
One of them is going through some really bad times. Her mental state is fragile as a result of depression, loneliness, and other factors.

Her friend is doing anything possible to help. And I mean she really is helping – you can’t ask for anything more.
Yet she’ll tell you how guilty she feels.

As she is taking her friend to one doctor appointment after another her mind is racing with questions:

Were there times when cries for help went unanswered?
When weeks went by without hearing from her friend, why didn’t she pick up the phone and call?

Sometime that’s all it takes. A phone call. A friendly voice. A few words of encouragement.
It’s enough to make someone feel they are worthy.
That they matter.

Be invested in what you do
By now your burning question must be, “Mariana, how can I be there for all my 2590 Facebook friends?”
(I know you know better; but I couldn’t resist : )
Kidding aside – don’t wait until it may be too late. For you or your friends.

Don’t just let life happen to you.
Take control.
Be invested in your life.
Be invested in your success as well as in those who are important in your life.

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