I’m not good with money

“I’m not good with money!”

“I’m not good with numbers!”

When I do business training seminars that’s what I hear.
At every seminar at least 2-3 people will say this.
Many others keep quiet but think the same way.

The truth is that you CAN be good with numbers.
And you CAN get control of your finances.

It isn’t as difficult as you think.

Start with these 3 simple steps.

1. You are “HERE”
Take a “snap shot” of your financial situation:
Income and expenses
What money you have coming in and what money is going out.

This shows your financial position at the present time.

Use it as a map.
This will help to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

2. Set goals
Once you know where you are financially then you can start setting your goals.
If you don’t have an emergency fund then take steps to start saving for one.

If your goal is to pay off your credit cards then start by making higher monthly payments.
(Same goes for the car loan and other consumer debt.)

Just as important: don’t add more debt to what you already have.

3. Start NOW
You have your goals in front of you.
Now take action.

Set a monthly budget that will help meet your goals
Don’t get discouraged if/when things occasionally don’t work as planned.
When that happens just make adjustments.
And get back on track.

Your reward?
Financial stability.
And living life on your own terms.

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Mariana Fieraru
Mariana Fieraru, an Eastern European transplant, fell in love with her new home shortly after landing in New York. She "discovered" pizza! Years later she still loves pizza. And so do her two feathered-kids, Sunny and Flipper

Mariana worked on both, the east and the west coast.
Big or small, each project she worked on helped define the importance of gaining and sustaining a competitive edge in an increasingly complex business environment.

Business know-how, love of teaching and writing – all combined in 2006 to form OBI.
Its mission: to make learning fun! And easy.

Through its training, consulting, and publications OBI builds bridges of knowledge to take you from where you are to
where you want to go. Using a mix of serious, informal, analytical, and optimistic approach, OBI truly makes learning fun.

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