How important is to have a good teacher for your child?

Good teachers.
A Stanford study show how students learn and perform three times better when they have a good teacher.

Three times better!

“No other attribute of schools comes close to having this much influence on student achievement,” says Stanford economist, Eric Hanushek.

Similar findings in a study at the University of Melbourne (65,000 research papers).
After taking in account other factors (class size, etc.) the results show how important is to have good teachers.
If we want children to have a top-notch education then we need top-notch teachers.

Some say teachers are under-trained.
And teaching methods currently used are obsolete.
Others say that technology and innovation will make bad teachers good and good teachers better.

What do you think?

Knowledge, high tech — and, voila, there is a good teacher?!

What makes a good teacher?
Yes, we need well-trained, knowledgeable teachers.
And technology/innovation does play a central role.
But if that’s all there is, that’s the makings of a mediocre teacher.

What makes a good teacher?
Ask children.
They KNOW.
Children are smart that way.

The good teachers CARE.
Even when they don’t say so.
Their actions speak volumes.

Growing up, I was lucky.
I’ve had some really good teachers.
As I wrote in here, some of them weren’t exactly the “cuddling” type.

Notwithstanding, I knew how much they wanted me to succeed.

Like the time when my French teacher adamantly told me,

“No! The school you chose is not good enough.

You need to go to the one in the capital.

That school it’s better for you.

If necessary my husband will tutor you.

Free of charge.”

It was difficult to get into the school my teacher wanted me to go to.
I needed to be at the top of my game.
And even then, because of so many applicants, my chances of getting in were slim, at best.

*    *    *    *    *

Outside of family, teachers play the most important role in a child’s life.

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