An increasingly popular “language” in marketing

An abundance of information is forcing brands to look for more effective ways of connecting with customers.
Corporate research shows the increased popularity of a new way of communication: emojis.
Why emojis?
Because it allows us to say more with less.

More companies are now incorporating emojis in their marketing strategies.
They want to target specific groups. And also collect information as to preferences, etc.
The latter will help them improve future services.

In a digital world, an emoji seems to be a great vehicle to accomplish all of that.

Marketers are also turning their attention to the most fluent “speakers” of this language: Generation Z.
Millennials are getting old, obviously : )
(Actually more than 90 percent of people on line use emojis. And that’s across generations.)

Not everyone agrees
To be sure it’s not all smooth sailing. Sometime misunderstandings can happen.
(Because some don’t speak fluent emoji; or speak it with an accent ; )
Kidding aside, some find their use inappropriate in a professional setting.

Surprisingly, many advertising executives feel that way.
(A survey of the American Marketing Association shows 60% of marketers think of emoji use in advertising as unprofessional.)
Ironically, executives across industries are more open to the use of emojis than the people working in advertising.

And did you know emojis can bring out the artist in you?
You can use Lightriks, a startup founded by couple of computer science PhD’s, to unleash your creative side.
And transform your selfie into an emoji.

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Mariana Fieraru
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