Inversions, iTunes gift cards to pay IRS, and more

Some well known economists say our tax system has big loopholes which encourages large companies to keep their money abroad.
And escape U.S. taxation.
U.S. Treasury and IRS are trying to curb the inversion.
(Inversion: a process where US Companies relocate abroad in an effort to reduce their U.S. taxes.)

The companies are retaliating by taking them to court.
The lawsuit, filed in Texas federal court, alleges the Treasury rulings are, “arbitrary and capricious”.

Paying IRS with an iTunes gift card?!
As you may suspect, the answer is, “No!” : )
This summer the Internal Revenue Service has seen an increase in criminal activity:
scammers calling taxpayers and demanding payment of overdue taxes.
The con artists want the payment via iTunes gift card!

Facebook not sharing?!
In 2010 Facebook transferred assets to its Irish subsidiary.
IRS wants information about that transaction; and its tax implications (possible tax bill: $5 billions).
But Facebook is ignoring the information requests.
(Even though it has received seven summonses from the U.S. tax investigators. Seven!!!)
Obviously Facebook isn’t much into sharing   : )

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