Is it really about them?

Modern gladiators.
Our presidential candidates, of course!

They are in the fight of their lives.
They fight for potential voters.
And they fight for influential supporters.

Since they started the race we have had “divisive” and “important” topics coming up for discussion: such as Trump’s and Clinton’s hairdos : )

Kidding aside we all know the stakes are high.

A substantial number of voters don’t like the front runner of either party.
They are seen as divisive.
(No, not talking about hairdos this time.)

The two front-runners have an uphill battle when it comes to their image; that’s because a majority of voters view them negatively.

Is it really about them?
We talk often about the shortcomings of our leaders. And complain.
Is it really about them?

Or is it more about us?

In today’s world we are faced with all kind of threats — toxic waste, drugs, terrorism, and environmental disasters.
In this anxiety-ridden world we are dreaming of a leader who waves a magic wand and makes it all better.
And safe.

Yes, we need strong political leaders. But we also need to understand their limitations.
If we fail to understand their limitations, if we allow fear and anxiety to dictate our actions — then we’ll get what we deserve.

It’s all up to us.
We decide what kind of leader we need.

Any one can hold the helm when the sea is calm.
Publilius Syrus


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Mariana Fieraru
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