Jobs and tax incentives

13,000 jobs in exchange for $3 billion in state subsidies.

The company: Foxconn. The state: Wisconsin.

Few facts about Foxconn:

  • The largest electronics manufacturer in the world.
  • With international operations in China, India, Japan, Mexico, and other countries, Foxconn is a major employer.
  • In 2015 the company struck an iPhone manufacturing deal in India: to open twelve factories. In China is the largest (private) employer.
  • Its customers are well-known names such as Apple, Intel, Nokia, Sony, Google, Amazon, and other major players.

The multinational company, headquartered in Taiwan, employs more than a million people.
(Foxconn is also marred by allegations of poor working conditions.)

Will Foxconn deliver on its promise and create 13,000 jobs?
What about the $3 billion in subsidies?
Do the taxpayers of Wisconsin think that’s a fair price to pay?
Their elected politicians, as well as the higher echelon in Washington, tell them it is.

Let’s hope it is — and not only because it carries a high-price tag

For people looking for work, what matters the most is jobs.
Over the last 40 years more than $100 billion in tax subsidies have been given to various companies.
Often these companies have failed to deliver on their promises.

Opinions are divided on this.
Some are 100 percent for job creation. While others look at the cost and want to back out of it.
Whichever side you may be on it’s good to at least make an effort and try to listen to the main points of the other guy.
If only because it may help you understand WHY they think the way they do.

Democracy is a two-way street.

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