Looking for some light reading on Facebook. And found this instead

Today’s work project is half-way done.
It’s time for a break — something “light” for a few minutes.
So I decide to go on Facebook. Maybe I’ll see some nice, cute kittens : )
Once on the Facebook I see that one of my friends is having a heated discussion:
On the pros and cons of using nuclear energy.

Not exactly the topic I was looking for (to say the least!)
But, I’m familiar with this poster’ FB conversations — they are generally informative and well-balanced debates.

So I start reading:

Mr. A
Jane Fonda and others should be called out – and held responsible for the consequences of their actions.
We have more expensive electricity; we have more pollution, we have fewer jobs because of them.

The people most harmed – the urban poor.

Mr. B
Nuclear, like every source of energy, has a mix of positive and negative aspects; e.g., it is a super high density energy source;
it doesn’t pollute the air as much as coal or other fossil fuels, it doesn’t take up or ruin as much land as coal and other fossil fuels, it doesn’t dam up rivers…
But, it has its downsides too; it is a low probability/high risk source of energy (bad things are not likely to happen, but when things go bad, they can go very bad),
it impacts water quality (hot water discharges), and it produces dangerous wastes.

Mr. A
Commoner believes that energy is automatically and inherently cheaper and cleaner if a government provides it.
Well, he should have gone to visit Eastern Europe and the USSR as I have.

These people have lied and cheated and misled with the result of a dirtier world today than it would have been.

Mr. B
I understand some of your frustrations, there are clearly some people who resist nuclear on a non-rational basis; it is good to point that out if you like,
but it is also good to understand that it is their right to be against it “just because” if that is their choice. Folks that lie about information
(0n either side of the debate) should be called out; but name calling just because they disagree is not very useful or very worthy of our time…

Anyway, I agree with you on the need/value of nuclear; some time in the future we’re very likely going to regret not staying in the lead on nuclear technology/the use of nuclear for peaceful purposes.
I just hope we can educate and inspire folks to that conclusion rather than try to browbeat and shame them to that conclusion…

My friend, I need to leave now. Have a great day — always love chatting with you!

Clearly these two people don’t agree on everything. Yet, throughout the conversation they can maintain a civil tone while they each express their viewpoint.

Plus, me as an outsider, I benefit from hearing both sides of the argument.

Well, I don’t know about you but I wish I could clone these two. And send them to Washington.
Imagine if our representatives in D.C. would talk WITH each other like this.
Imagine if they would treat each other with respect.
Imagine how much it would get accomplished…

(Hope you found this as informative as I did.  That being said, next time I want some light-reading I’ll go for the tax code : )

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