Mark Cuban: It’s not about money or connections

I was watching clips of an interview Mark Cuban gave a while back.
He was talking about the investments he made over the years.

How some of the companies he put money in are doing great.
Some are out of business.
And some, “… are too stupid to know they are out of business.”

He doesn’t mince words — my kind of guy!
I’ve always liked people who tell it like it is.
(That’s what I do. Except that my big mouth invariably gets me in trouble.)

Then again, Mark Cuban can say anything because he says it with a charming smile.
Maybe he can give me some charm lessons : )
(Incidentally I found out we have another thing in common: his maternal grandparents were born in Romania.
That may explain the outspoken trait ; )

In business, as in life, Cuban looks reality in the face.
But also stays positive.
He says to always wake up with a smile and believe in yourself.

Asked about what it takes to succeed in business, the billionaire said this:

“It’s not about money or connections.
It’s the willingness to
outwork and outlearn everyone
when it comes to your business.
And if it fails,
you learn from what happened and
do a better job next time.”

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Mariana Fieraru
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