Millions of flying drones — and what’s being done to prepare for it

A global process of competition and collaboration:
Americans, Canadians, Australians, and others that have allowed the use of commercial drones, are learning from each other’s successes.
Given the fact that we’ll be having over a million daily drone flights by year 2025 this is also becoming a balancing act of risks and rewards.

FAA needs to decide, among other things, what’s an acceptable level of risk to the general population.
And have drone operators conform to that.

The risks are drones being used by people with unethical and/or criminal intent.
SkySafe, DroneShield, and Dedrone — these are some of the companies making anti-drone devices.
Their products will be used by police and other enforcement agencies to disable drones and take them down if necessary.

That being said the good use of drones by far exceeds the nefarious use.
Drones are being used in agriculture, in medical field, and many other areas. And this is just the beginning.
NASA is working on developing an elaborate system which is expected to be ready in a few years.

Analyzing data from different countries the system is designed specifically for traffic management of unmanned aerial vehicles.
It’s an all-automated system coordinating the large number of drones expected to be flying.
UTM, as the system is dubbed, will be requiring drones to register their flight paths.
Drones will also be required to have sensors enabling them to avoid a potential collision.

FAA plans to start implementing NASA’s system beginning in 2019.

Important to remember:
Technology is all good.  For the most part.
Then we need to use our judgment.
Just because something can be done, it doesn’t mean it should.

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