Murky waters

“Executives who would rather concentrate on commerce are finding it ever harder to avoid politics, in America and beyond.”

“In a recent survey of people in 28 countries, 62% of respondents worried about globalization.”

In United Stated, “Three-quarters think the government should protect local jobs and industry, even if that slows growth.”

The above are excerpts from a recent Economist article.

Ironically, in this business-friendly environment, our business leaders have many reasons for feeling uneasy.
Many of them often feel they are swimming in some really murky waters.

The workforce is pressing their business leaders to take a stance on social issues — from immigration to climate change.
As much as they would like to avoid it they can’t — CEO’s are thrown in the murky waters of politics.

The results? Not pretty.

Like in the example given by the Economist:
Under pressure from its employees, the company (Keurig) tweeted it will suspend some of its TV advertising.
The consumers promptly responded with posts on social media — smashing their coffee machines.

We obviously have problems and we need to find ways to solve them.
But why should we talk with each other and find solutions?!
It’s much easier to throw temper tantrums.

If we keep going like this, Hollywood will soon find itself without a job.
Who needs their make-believe stories?!
Now we can watch real-life drama.

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