Never be defined by your past

The other day I saw this posted on the Facebook:
“Never be defined by your past. It is just a lesson — not a life sentence.”

It made me stop.
Because it really “spoke” to me.
Until I’ve read those words I didn’t realize how many regrets I still carry with me.
Some from many years ago.
The memories of things I should or shouldn’t have done, or could have done better — often spur feelings of remorse and guilt.

I often wish I could go back in time and do some things differently.
And even completely undo other things.

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible.
All any of us can do is apologize, make amends, and express remorse.
And ask for forgiveness.

Sometimes, though, the most difficult thing to do is to forgive ourselves.
And find needed peace of mind.

We need to understand that we are continually evolving throughout our lives.
And if we don’t make mistakes, we don’t learn anything.
When we are falling short of our own expectations, the key is to take the knowledge we’ve acquired from the experience and use it to do better next time.
Then move on.


“Never be defined by your past.
It is just a lesson – not a life sentence.”

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Guest-Writer Chris Mott
Chris Mott runs a successful retail business on eBay.
She moved to Idaho after retiring from her civil service job in Oregon.
Chris is involved with several civic organizations serving the local community. 
When not working she enjoys an active lifestyle.
And loves animals -- especially dogs.
Gabriel, a German Shepherd, is her best friend and companion.
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