Note to self: don’t be so quick to judge

At a recent out-of-town workshop I had the opportunity to meet and share ideas with people much smarter than I am.
(I try to do this whenever I can; hoping some of their smarts are “contagious” and I catch some : )

In this group of people, there was a person who greatly puzzled me.
Some of the remarks she made were so out of context.
Or revealed an appalling, I thought, unfamiliarity with certain ideas or words.

Like the time when someone mentioned FEMA and she asked what was it.
I couldn’t believe my ears. Really!? Who doesn’t know what FEMA is?!

One puzzle abruptly solved
Late in the afternoon the puzzle was abruptly solved.
The lady went into an epileptic seizure.

I later found out that’s a monthly “routine” for her.

And that she is doing much better than before — thanks to the new meds she is taking.
Instead of multiple daily seizures, she now has one a month, on average.

That explained all of  the out-of-context remarks and questions.
I went from feeling appalled to feeling like an idiot.

Another day, another lesson for me.

Note to self: don’t be so quick to judge
How often do we really know the whole story?
Most of the time what we see it barely scratches the surface of the big iceberg that’s hidden from our view.
Note to self: don’t be so quick to judge.

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