Oceans — and the major impact they have on birds

One of my friends (who knows I’m a bird-mom) sent me a link to an article about albatrosses:
The “magnificent ocean wanderers.”

Did you know albatrosses can live over 70 years!?
I didn’t.

Reading the article was an eye-opening experience.
The things we humans do — without realizing the harm done to other species.

Our way of life, with so many single-use plastic items (including food wrappers and grocery bags)
All of these ending up in the trash found on coastlines around the world.

The article gives us the top three of the most deadly (to birds) plastics:

*plastic drink bottles
*disposable utensils

Think of those bird-parents
Doing what parents do — wanting to take care of their little ones.
And see them grow up

But, because of what we humans have done (and keep doing), these birds now live in a world full of trash/plastics.

The results?
These bird-parents end up feeding their little ones with plastic
And never get to see them grow up…

Where do we go from here?
There are simple things we can all do.
We can start by taking shopping bags from home when we go grocery shopping
This way less plastic bags are being thrown in the trash.

The balloons? We really don’t need them.
We can celebrate life events — and have fun — without them.

Think of all the good we can do with just these two simple changes
Think how it would be living in a kinder world
A world kind to all its creatures

“You cannot do kindness too soon,
for you never know how soon it will be too late.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Here’s the link to the article my friend sent me


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