To repeal. Or not to repeal.

Google. Airbnb. Reddit. Twitter.
These companies, and many others, have united and signed a petition.
What’s bringing them together?
Net neutrality.

Two weeks from now (Dec 14th) FCC plans to repeal net-neutrality rules.
The repeal is favorably anticipated by internet service providers such as ATT, Comcast, and Verizon.
In their opinion, the repeal of net-neutrality rules would allow the internet to function in a “free market” environment.

I’ve read some of the commentaries on social media.
Some pro, some against.

“I am open-minded about FCC’s plans, because what we have now is not working.  Under “net neutrality,” Big Corporate News Media content jams their content down my throat, overloading my devices & searches even when I try to turn them off.”
“Do we really want ATT, Verizon and Comcast deciding what information we can and can’t access?  Protect net neutrality from this naked corporate power-grab. “
“The day net neutrality goes away is the day I ditch the online world. It isn’t needed. I can go to a bank, I can pick up a phone, I can hand in a resume, I can shop local, I can buy food at a store. My parents have never had internet and they have lived just fine. “

(Probably the view of that last commentator isn’t shared by many. But one never knows.)
What we do know: pro net-neutrality activists have organized and planned protests in Washington.

To repeal. Or not to repeal.
What do you think?

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