Are schools doing a good job of preparing students for the future?

We are at crossroads.
The economic landscape is rapidly changing.
And the skills required to enter the workforce of the future are vastly different than before.
Are teachers skillful enough?
Are parents involved enough?

These and other questions are often asked.
Skilled teachers are essential to a good education
If you have any doubts about how important this is just look up American educator, Jaime Escalante.
He taught calculus in East Los Angeles.
Some of his students went on to Harvard, Stanford, and MIT.

Why is this unusual?

Over seventy percent of his students came from a poor socioeconomic background.
And some lived in gang-infested areas.
Yet, one dedicated teacher inspired them to learn.
Inspired them to take a different path and succeed.
Proof, once again, education is a great equalizer.

Skilled teachers are essential to a good education

My teachers — not exactly the cuddling type
I’ve had some great professors.
Even though some of their words of encouragement were quite unusual.

Growing up, I was sent to represent my school at Olympiads.
Math and literature.
Apparently both hemispheres of my brain are working.
(At least several times a year.)

My teachers (not exactly the cuddling type) didn’t want me to have a big head.
Their “words of encouragement” to me:
“Remember, where there is a lot of intelligence there is also a full truck-load of stupidity.”
They were wrong — sometimes there are two.
(One for each hemisphere?)

Whatever methods they use — great educators inspire you to do better.
And be better.
I’m forever grateful to my teachers.

Teachers, parents, friends, and internet
In upcoming posts on this blog we’ll take a closer look at education.
We’ll look at some of the recent studies.
Discuss the results.
Analyze what worked. And why.

We’ll also talk about teachers, parents, friends, and internet.
All have a major role in our students’ education.

  *    *    *    *    *

Until we meet again,
Wishing you success in all you do.

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