Skipping school and the 3 C’s

On the wavy mountain road several children are walking to school.
It’s a beautiful sunny day and they decide to get off the main road.

Let’s skip school today
At a water stream they start playing and splashing each other with water.
That’s when the decision is made: let’s skip school today! Sun, water, trees – this is much more fun!

And they played there for hours.
When the time came to head back home everyone was quiet
(Each one thinking what to answer to, “How was school today?” question.)

Much to their surprise the parents already knew about their escapade!
And, they were told, their teachers knew as well.

How did that happen?!

Parents Teachers Community
All three play an important role in educating children.

Parents build the foundation.
Teachers continue to build on that foundation.
And community gives its support.
(And makes sure all is done by the “code”: )

To be successful this joint effort needs to have the 3 C’s:
• Connect
• Communicate
• Care

What happened on that skipping-school day is a good example of how effective a parent-teacher-community partnership can be.

That afternoon, few adults passed by and noticed the children playing.
At a time when they should have been in school. The adults took action.
They informed the teachers. The teachers then called the parents.

A strong connection to their community compelled the adults to take action that day.
They couldn’t just ignore what they saw. They spoke-up and informed the teachers of what’s going on.
In turn, the educators knew how important is keeping the communication line open between parents and teachers.

As for the children – they learned a valuable lesson.
It made a big difference in their lives knowing the adults around them cared about what they did.
(And from that day on, playing by the river became an after school activity only.)

We want our children to succeed.
And there is a lot we still need to do to improve our educational system.
Making the 3 C’s part of a strong support system is a winning strategy.

“Let us think of education as the means of
developing our greatest abilities,
because in each of us there is
a private hope and dream which, fulfilled,
can be translated into benefit for everyone
and greater strength for our nation.”
John F Kennedy

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