SR-71 Blackbird

This week I joined this group discussion for few hours.
The evening turned out to be much more fun than anticipated.

One speaker talked about birds (one of my favorite subjects : )
About his Memorial Day weekend outing.
He talked about being in nature, listening to birds chirping.
From the birds in the tree he turned to another type of bird.
That “bird” used to fly high in the sky and faster than a speeding bullet.

He was talking about SR-71 aka Blackbird.
I’ve never heard of it so I was all ears.

That was one awesome “bird”:
• SR-71 aka Blackbird was a strategic aircraft.
• Developed by Lockheed Skunk Works to be used by US Air Force.
• NASA also used the aircraft for high-speed science projects.
• First flight 1964.
• 1976 outstanding performance recorded: speed of 2,193 mph and flying at 85,069 feet.
• It was retired by both USAF and NASA (1998 and 1999 respectively)

Fascinating facts, right?
Aside from having a great evening this discussion also got me thinking.
(Yes, my head hurts – that’s why I don’t do it often ; )

Blackbird, what an amazing machine! The 60’s technology can’t be compared with what we have today.
Yet, it was done! We, the people.
We were able to develop an aircraft that couldn’t be shot down.

Brilliant and Beautiful
When something it’s really important to us it’s amazing what we can do.
We can do brilliant things. And we can do beautiful things.

The Blackbird was brilliant (and necessary) for that time.
Today we need a bird that is best for our time.
Maybe we need a Bluebird (the symbol of happiness)
Yes, I know I’m dreaming but wouldn’t that be beautiful?

As Steve Maraboli said, “Happiness is not the absence of problems, its’ the ability to deal with them.”

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