Sunny, Flipper, and Daisy

It’s a beautiful day – sunny, breezy, and just great to go for a walk.
Flipper and Sunny are ready. As I’m heading out the door I’m thinking of Daisy, my friends’ dog.
She would love to go out for a stroll too.
That’s when the “brilliant” thought came to mind: take all three for a walk!

So I go pick up Daisy and all four of us are heading toward the park.
That’s when the fun begins!

Fur or feathers – all the same: troublemakers!
Daisy wants to walk on her usual route at her normal speed.
Which means walking briskly with some off and on running.
Not today!
Today we’ll take a leisurely walk.

Daisy is doing her best to “hurry” up the group and pulls at her leash while I’m trying to balance Sunny who never holds too tightly.
Flipper, the menace, is going after Daisy. She slides down my arm and grabs Daisy’s leash.
“Flipper that’s a big No No!” from me gets no results.
This 11 oz. troublemaker has an obvious disregard for authority!

Luckily I don’t need to worry about Sunny.
He is my well-behaved feathered child.
(Who said boys are trouble?)
We finally get to the park. Few girls are coming toward us and Sunny (as usual) is the center of attention.
He is so colorful. Plus, being a good-natured bird he can safely go to anyone.

After we walk around for a while it’s time to head back.
Daisy and Flipper are now more relaxed.
Which makes the walk home much more enjoyable.

Sunny, Flipper, and Daisy – an awesome trio.
But take them for a walk together and be prepared to sound like a drill sergeant.
A drill sergeant that no one listens to!

Oh well, next time will be better – I’ll put them all on the leash!
Right ; )

Be thoughtful and generous
In the summer, with high temperatures, please remember our feathered and furry friends.
Don’t leave them inside the car.
And have a bowl with water outside for the wild birds.
Squirrels and other creatures will also be thankful for it.

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Mariana Fieraru
Mariana Fieraru, an Eastern European transplant, fell in love with her new home shortly after landing in New York. She "discovered" pizza! Years later she still loves pizza. And so do her two feathered-kids, Sunny and Flipper

Mariana worked on both, the east and the west coast.
Big or small, each project she worked on helped define the importance of gaining and sustaining a competitive edge in an increasingly complex business environment.

Business know-how, love of teaching and writing – all combined in 2006 to form OBI.
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Through its training, consulting, and publications OBI builds bridges of knowledge to take you from where you are to
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