Do my taxes start with a wine? Or two?

“Feel like I’m gonna puke
’cause my taxes are due”

No, this is not one of my clients talking.

This is borrowed from AJR’s hit song Bang!
I listened to it when I went walking the other day
(Yes, I know. Me, being so active!
I surprised myself too.)

Bang – fun song to listen to!

(As for taxes, in case you need a reminder:
If you’ve filed an extension
Taxes are due in 15 days.)

Back to the song.
“Feel like I’m gonna puke
’cause my taxes are due
Do my password begin with
a one or a two? “

Ok, #AJR
There’s room for improvement here.

Imagine how much better would sound
if you change the password line with this:

“Do I start my taxes with a wine?
Or two?”

We’re not gonna worry about grammar here.

After all we are working on taxes.
And wine.
At the same time

(Multitasking at its best?)

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