Tax Court Files: A Conspiracy Theory

Mark D is selling his business.
All goes well. And the sale is finalized.
But then he sees how much tax (capital gains) needs to be paid.
So Mark decides to solve the problem by using a tax shelter.

Once that is accomplished he lets out a big sigh of relief.
And congratulates himself on the success of the operation.

Time passes. All is well.
But then it happens.
IRS comes knocking.
And agents start examining his records.

Mark doesn’t like the results of the audit:
IRS determined the only reason he used that tax shelter was to get out of paying taxes.
What can Mark do now?!

He files for bankruptcy.
But the Bankruptcy Court doesn’t solve his problem.
He is still liable for the unpaid taxes.

The IRS then refers the case to the Justice Department.
The government wants to collect.
Even if that means less money.

The unpaid tax is reduced to almost a half a million dollar.
($491,513 plus interest.)
And a judgement is entered against Mark.
What can Mark do now?!

He files a complaint against IRS.
Alleging conspiracy.

Mark alleged that the IRS conspired to deny him his constitutional rights.

*    *    *    *   *

For now the complaint has been dismissed.
But we’ll see what happens next.
With half a million at stake, most likely the saga will continue.

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