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Economy and taxes — here are a few things that caught my attention lately.
Hope you find them interesting too.
Roller coaster ride
Trade conflicts. Brexit. And other global concerns.
All of these have caused a great deal of “indigestion” to business executives.
What makes them nervous?
China’s cooling economy. The European Union with its regional conflicts. And more.

Expectations for profits and revenues dipped.
Then went back up.
For the most part, this “Roller coaster” won’t have much of an impact (if any) here in the U.S.

What will impact the businesses here is the rising interest rates.
That has American companies feeling less optimistic.
They worry about an economic slowdown.

Taxing streaming services
Tax regulators (both in the U.S. and Canada) have started paying attention to Netflix, You Tube, and other streaming services.
There is money to be made, of course.

These services are taxed in Iowa, Washington D.C. and Canadian provinces of Québec and Saskatchewan
(It began in January of this year.)

Interestingly (and funny) some legislators called this tax a
“housekeeping item in the legislation.”
Those Canadians tax regulators — such a humorous bunch

Digital-savvy Millennials — easy prey for cyber criminals?!
Tax fraud: in 2018 hackers and cyber criminals have targeted more Millennials.
Because they have proven to be the most likely to fall for phishing scams!!
Move over grandpa and grandma.
Your digital-savvy grandson is a much easier target.

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