The day after

It’s finally here: the day after election.
An overwhelming number of Americans said the 2016 election was a “significant source of stress”.
(Source: The American Psychological Association report in October.)

Now it’s time to de-stress.
And return back to normal.

Some of you (depending on where you live) are returning back to a new “normal”:
Few more states, including California, have decided to legalize the use of marijuana.
Obviously that’s great news for the people and organizations supporting its medical use.

I don’t know how that works (or not).

But I would imagine the pharmaceutical industry isn’t too happy about the news.
(Feeling probably same way Clinton feels about Trump : )

Here are some post-election soothing words:

“In the winter the mountains and forests
Look like never ending clouds.
With skyscrapers covered in snow.
As the wind blows through the tall pines
I feel a sense of peacefulness.”

These are excerpts from a poem written by Isabella Gerard, a fifth-grader from Boise, Idaho.
She’ll be our state’s ambassador this year.
Isabella and her parents will fly to Washington, D.C, to be there for the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in December.

Democracy at work
For our country to remain a leading force of good in the world we each need to be involved.
From the wide, open spaces of Idaho to the skyscrapers of New York — we are one nation.
And it takes each one of us to make our democracy work.

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Mariana Fieraru
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