The New Way Of Doing Business

Talking with business clients I’ve noticed how many of them speak of “new ways” of doing business. I hear this from the newcomers to the business world (less than five years). And I hear this from well-seasoned business leaders.

The most successful ones have found innovative ways of running their business operations.
They talk about fair-pricing policies and being environmentally friendly. And what they do to help their employees balance work and family.

Doing business this way we all win
These may seem like lofty goals for some of you. They are not.
Being environmentally friendly can mean encouraging your employees to carpool to work.

If you live in a big city you can do more. You can have employees work from home a few days a week. In this case you do more than just help the environment. Because they spend less time on the road those employees get more time with their loved ones.

I lived in a big city. The commute for some employees was more than an hour. Each way. What a great gift you are giving to them and their family. And it benefits your business too – by reducing your operating costs. It’s a win/win.

Being environmentally friendly also means purchasing locally.

Big businesses like Walt Disney have enjoyed the benefits of being socially responsible companies for many years. The reason is obvious. It benefits both the employees and the company they work for. It’s smart financially. And the company’s image also gets a positive boost.
Doing business this way we all win.

Yes, we are in business to make a profit.
Can we make money AND be socially responsible? Yes!

A company with better business practices
attracts better employees
It’s important to remember that having good business practices and making a difference is not limited to the big guys.
And there is a bonus when you do that. You’ll attract better employees.

Studies have shown that more than 60% of people would prefer working for a company that is kind to Mother Earth. (Logic would dictate that type of company would also be kind to its employees.)

Giving Back
Being socially responsible is a way of giving back.
As business owners, big and small, we can all take steps and do our share as we go.
Giving back doesn’t mean we wait until time is “right” (or until we’ve reached a ripe old age).
We can do it now.

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