They know before we do


“The United States military has long taken climate change seriously, both for its potential impacts on troops and infrastructure around the world and for its potential to cause political instability in other countries.”

The above excerpt is from NY Times. The article is about the findings of a report on current and future climate changes.
The report “is being reviewed by an expert committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.”

Depending on who you ask climate change is “nothing to worry about’ or “it’s a significant problem.”

Taking a heavy toll on our resources
Flooding, fires, and other natural or manmade disasters — in the aftermath we need to repair existing systems.
Or develop new ones.
Humanitarian assistance and disaster aid is needed — locally or globally.

All of these, at the very least, it’s taking a heavy toll on our resources.

It makes for a much better sleep at night
In the news there is a lot of talk about trade. We talk a lot about our interconnected economies — with China and other countries.
We talk less how these countries affect the air we breathe.

Yet science journals have published studies showing emissions from China’s production plants are carried across the ocean to United States.
What about those cities in Asia that are so polluted their people need to wear a mask when they go outside?
Many of of us choose to think that’s “their” problem.

It makes for a much better sleep at night.

None. It was quiet
Several years ago two friends of mine were telling me about their vacation in Asia.
While they were there they went on a river cruise.
They remember feeling something was odd but they couldn’t figure what it was.
Then it dawned on them: there were no birds chirping.
None. It was quiet. Dead quiet.

Because of their respiratory system, birds “know” before we do.

The canary in the coal mine.

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