Money and Greed

A few years ago a friend asked me to go along to this seminar on affiliated marketing. There I saw first-hand how greed plays a big role when it comes to spending money foolishly.

It was unsettling to see greed playing its magic on people – especially on the ones with very limited funds. They had to scramble through credit cards and to cash savings accounts to get the money. But they did. They BADLY wanted to buy into the dream of affiliated marketing and the “promised land of wealth thereafter”. . .

Granted some of the people attending the seminar had plenty of money. So they did have the EXTRA money to spend. However, they had no knowledge of the industry. Since I knew some of them personally I knew they lacked the time necessary to start a new business.

(Because they did have the money, some of you may say, “That’s good for the economy.” And I won’t argue with you on that point.)

Time Money Knowledge
Like with any new project, resources that you have at your disposal will dictate the outcome. Time and money play a major role in most cases. Having one but not the other will jeopardize your efforts. And just as important is knowing all you can about the business you want to get into. Or hire someone who does (even though is not the same).
In this affiliated marketing seminar – many of the people buying into it were lacking either money, time, or knowledge. Or all of the them. Yet they expected to be an overnight success…

What I learned
I did learn a lot at that seminar. I learned a lot about human behavior. And how our surroundings greatly affect our decision-making process.

No, I didn’t buy into the affiliated marketing dream. I knew nothing about it. It was such a new concept for me that I knew it would be a steep-learning curve to make it work. To make the business a success would have required lots of time and effort on my part. (Not to mention the heart-palpitation-inducing high price tag!)

Final thoughts
I’m not telling you that affiliated marketing doesn’t work.
What I’m saying is don’t let greed be the deciding factor in your decisions.

When a new project “lands” in your lap, ask yourself these questions:
• Do I have enough time and/or money for this?
• What do I know about it?
• Am I willing to do what it takes to make it a success?

These questions will help you make good decisions (most of the time, anyway : )

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