Top 3 Habits of Highly Productive Giving

I’ve read an interesting article, Beat Generosity Burnout, written by Adam Grant and Reb Rebele.
In the article, published in Harvard Business Review, Grant and Rebele give tips on how to be generous, help others and still have time, and energy, to pursue your own goals.
The authors spent four years studying what it takes to be both, effective and altruistic.
And they came up with 7 highly productive giving habits.

Here are the top 3:

    1. Prioritize the help requests that come your way — say yes when it matters most and no when you need to.
    2. Give in ways that play  to your interests and strengths to preserve your energy and provide greater value.
    3. Distribute the giving load more evenly — refer requests to others when you don’t have the time or skills, and be careful not to reinforce gender biases about who helps and how.(Grant and Rebele in HBR)

Bottom line is: identify something that you do well. Something that you enjoy doing.
Then use that skill/knowledge to help others. And do it in such a way that it delivers the most impact.
Sound advice.

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