Trends, trendsetters, and feathers

Are you ready for 2019?
Ready for the “promised land”?
You know what I mean.
You promise yourself you’ll do better.
As in better organized; eat better, balanced meals.
(Yours truly will no longer eat industrial amounts of chocolate.)

Ok. Enough dreaming (talking about me, of course).
Let’s talk about something more likely to happen.
(Cause my chocolate-eating habits won’t change).

Let’s talk about trends and trendsetters in this upcoming year.
Here’s what I read and see trending in business, food, feathers.
(Kidding about feathers : )

New trend setters
Move over Millennials. A new generation is taking the center stage.
Gen Z, the digital natives are here. They are the new trend setters  — representing more than a third of all consumers.
The group is expected to spend over $300 billions each year.
Businesses are taking notice, of course: creating marketing strategies to appeal to this generation.

Personally, what I like about Gen Z is how they look at social-media.
They understand much better its limitations when it comes to communication and friendships.

Business trends – remote work
A low unemployment rate makes it harder for businesses to find qualified employees.
(And retain them once they are hired.)
This is fueling the increase in remote work.

Businesses are doing what it takes to attract good employees.
Including providing a flexible work schedule.
Often that means remote work.
Over 40 percent of employees are now working from home (albeit some only on part-time basis).
It’s a win/win for both the employee and the business.

Education – nanodegrees
Nanodegree is an alternative to a four-year degree.
Udacity, Coursera, and other nanodegree institutions offer specific skills-set programs in business, AI, data science, and more.
These nanodegrees are much more cost-effective compared to a traditional degree.
And this benefits both, the student and the future employer.
Another win/win.

Food trends
“More consumers are purchasing better-for-you products and subscribing to different eating styles,” Kroger, Whole Foods, and others have said.
That include buying more fermented foods: pickles, saurkraut and kimchi. We are also told about the benefits of eating insects.
This insect thing has been talked about before, off and on. Now it’s talked about like it needs to be going main stream.

Many of us are ok with with the fermented products – most of them anyway.
But insects?!

USA Today article excerpt:
“At Linger restaurant in Denver, a chef tosses black ants with white rice and tops a wok-fried heap of vegetables with diced crickets and grasshoppers.”

I get the part about being ecologically responsible.
And the part about being nutritious and being so beneficial to our health.
All that makes perfect sense.
But how do we get over the ‘eww’ factor?!

Sources for this article:

Wishing you a successful and
Happy New Year!

P. S.  Gotta have a talk with Flipper
Last time a fruit fly was flying around her beak she wanted to play with it.
Not eat it.
Gotta tell her all about the health benefits of eating insects.
(Knowing Flipper she’ll want me to cook those flies : )

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